About Me! 23. August 2019 11:55 am

The passionate self-taught Photographer Carsten Peter was born in Bad Homburg and now lives in Frankfurt, Germany. His background influences him, bringing to his work an impression of the sound of silence and the close encounters.

He is focussed on capturing music into pictures and grabs people's emotions ...

- People

- Landscape

- Black & White

Contact & Booking

Phone: +49 1520 178 8652

Mail: shoot 'at' cpeter . de


Nikon D800, Sony Alpha RII, details follow...

I've worked with: Aaden, Alex Amsterdam, Alien Coen, Clueso, Debby van Dooren, Ela Querfeld, Fee, Feli, Franca Morgana, Fritz-Kola, Georg auf Lieder, Hassan Annouri, Rainer von Vielen, Sound of the Forest, L'Aupaire, Linda Rocco, Marko Bussian, Maximilian Hecker, Max Prosa, Mia Diekow, Mick Knauff, Mr, Rod, Naima, Norman Hartnett, Switchfoot, Tim Neuhaus, and several other artists